Bruketa&Žinić&Grey wrap up 2017

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Last year was a year of great news for the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency. The worlds’ largest communication services group WPP invested in the Agency, turning it into one of the hubs for design and digital marketing of the international Grey Group forming a part of WPP.

In 2017 the Agency’s digital team was reinforced by some of the most experienced people in digital marketing in the region who, among other projects in the second half of the year worked on the internal digital application People Finder for Grey New York the objective of which was to make connections and encourage cooperation among peers at the level of the Group. They were also engaged in projects for Addiko Bank, Vipnet, Croatia Insurance Company, AutoZubak and other regional advertisers.

In 2017 the Agency was active in brand and spatial design worldwide. They developed the brand strategy for Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, are drafting a brand strategy for their long-term client Franck, as well as for the iconic Slovenian sparkling wine Radgonske gorice. Brigada designed Grey Europe’s offices in London and shops for their client Beluga Vodka in Moscow, but also worked on Addiko Express branch offices in the region.

“Kakva j***** fora godina” 1

Their Cromaris fish ads were well-received globally and incorporated in the New York Poster Museum, and Davor Bruketa was also invited to New York to sit on the jury of Young Guns, an international cross-disciplinary competition in creative communications.

In 2017 the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency launched many new projects with their long-standing clients: Dobro, a Slavonian brand of dry-cured meats for Žito, a new concept of branch offices for the Croatian Insurance Company and a campaign for the 70th anniversary of Podravka. With their sister agency Brigada and Millenium promocija they made a campaign on the occasion of the 133rd anniversary of the Croatia Insurance Company, an exhibition that had more than 600,000 interactions on social media and was visited by 100,000 people. The exhibition had HRK 6 million worth media presence and was declared the Event of the Year 2017 by Media Marketing.

The Agency launched two new communication platforms for their domestic clients, for Vip Everything is in your hands and for Karlovačko pivo, but also for foreign clients UniCredit Bank in Hungary and The Coca-Cola Company in 14 markets.

The Agency renewed some old projects as well. They continued their cooperation as educators with Design Thinking Croatia and with their partner Sense Consulting. With the globally rewarded Zagreb Be There application designed for the Zagreb Tourist Board they found the best kissing spot in Zagreb and helped tourists find the best locations with craft beer, confectionery and street art.

In 2017 the Agency began their cooperation with a new client, WWF, a global environmental conservation organisation, with whom the Agency made two campaigns covered by all relevant Croatian and many global media. They also designed a number of new visual identities: the identity for Narodni Radio changing according to the mood of radio listeners, the identity for the renovated Miljana Castle from the 16th century and for the ŠUZA Programme (ŠUZA = “from school to science and the academic community”) of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, which popularises new technologies among young generations.

“Kakva j***** fora godina” 2

Last year was also a year of innovations. For their client Addiko Bank, the Agency launched the first Viber-based financial transaction service in the region, and for Vip they developed a Browser Add-on changing the content of online portals at the request of users. For Addiko Bank the Agency developed a comprehensive Brand Style Guide, offering a foundation for designing corporate and marketing communications in the spirit of the brand in all classic and digital channels, in all markets in which Addiko Bank has its presence.


For Addiko Bank Brigada designed a new concept of digital branch offices Addiko Express successfully deployed in the markets in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also developed a detailed Book of Standards as an integral part of the concept. Of many last year’s shops and showrooms they also designed Neostar Lab, the first worldwide showroom for integrated online and offline sale of used cars. In cooperation with Neostar, the digital team of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey sold the first 100 used cars online!

In 2017, just like in previous years, Brigada designed many new offices in line with the state-of-the-art operational standards and activity based workspace. Thus the offices of companies such as Deloitte and Comminus were constructed, and the implementation of the extension project for the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was initiated at the end of the year. The Agency continued its cooperation with the tourist company Valamar for which the project of branding and spatial communication for the new administration building was implemented, and set up the project of new offices for the Company in Zagreb.

“It’s been one heck of a year!” 6

The monograph Nada of the Adris Foundation raised the visibility of young talented freelance Croatian illustrators owing to the hundreds of press releases and the exhibition. Nada won prestigious international and domestic awards such as D&AD Pencil in London, was declared the best print communications project by Design Week London, and was one of the Cannes Lions finalists.

And for the end, all the foregoing projects and virtually 100 people working on them earned an unprecedented HRK 58 million in revenues and won the “Zlatna kuna” Award. Davor Bruketa has summed it up by saying “It’s been one heck of a year!”.