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Portal is the most relevant online media in advertising industry in the Adriatic region.


Media-Marketing d.o.o., owner of the portal, attaches great importance to protecting the personal information of our users and subscribers. Privacy Policy regulates the way of handling information that Media-Marketing d.o.o. disposes, ie collects, processes and uses for promotional purposes when visiting the website. Processing and use of personal data are based solely on the legitimate and permissible basis of personal data management.

Data collection

Personal data includes identifying information including name, last name, e-mail address, IP address (locations from which the portal is accessed) as well as Push Notification information. Media-Marketing d.o.o. does not collect any personal information automatically, but solely in the case when the user makes them available (when signing up to the Newsletter or when allowing the use of “Push notifications” on user devices). Pursuant to the Terms of Use, when accepting the Privacy Policy, the user agrees – ie gives the approval for the use of personal information for the purposes listed below.

Use and processing of data

Media-Marketing d.o.o. uses the collected personal information for the purposes of technical management of the portal, for the need of improving user experience on the portal, and the need to achieve communication with users and subscribers through a daily, weekly and extraordinary newsletters. We reserve the right to use the collected data for direct communication with the user or subscriber for the purpose of individual or group improvement of user experience as well as for providing customer support. All collected data is used to segment and target advertising on a predefined advertising space.

Media-Marketing d.o.o. processes the collected data through digital Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager, to provide the best customer experience and for technical improvements of the portal.

Users are enabled to cancel any subscription (Newsletter or Push) at any time and in accordance with GDPR provisions. In the event that a user is unable to (in accordance with the GDPR provisions) to re-subscribe to the services, the editorial board will be available to the user for technical support. All the data of the reactivated account are re-entered in the database, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and are used and processed for the purposes described above.

Data security

Media-Marketing d.o.o. invests great efforts to ensure the security of personal information on the website and compliance with applicable data protection regulations (such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation Implementation Act, etc.). We would like to emphasize that your data is conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, manipulation, unauthorized access, and unauthorized publishing.

HTTPS Cookies Policy

Portal Media-Marketing uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and through SSL it is possible to safely enter data into the Newsletter and Push forms. Portal uses cookies (very small size files) that are stored temporarily (with certain time periods) on your hard drive, which in fact enables our site to recognize your device during the next visit to the portal and to use user-related preferences for the Newsletter and Push Notifications.

The tools listed above can collect and store technical information such as cookies, user and / or visitor IP addresses, mobile device identifier, browser information, and the like, but do not identify the person. The stored cookies serve also for analytical and statistical purposes and for the functionality of all Internet site features and better user experience. These cookies can be a permanent cookie that is stored on a user’s computer after visit, and temporary cookies that are stored only when visiting the site.

By using these cookies, Media-Marketing d.o.o. collects statistical information about the visits and how portal is used. Data collected includes user IP address, browser data, language, operating system, and other standard statistical data that are collected and analyzed solely in anonymous and mass form. Cookies can be automatically accepted depending on the settings on your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc.). If you don’t agree to their use, you can easily delete cookies at any time and/or permanently disable their use on your device using the settings of the browser you are using.

Duration of storing “HTTPS Cookies”

We store your data up to the expiration of a year or in accordance with the subscription to the Newsletter or the “Push” notification service. In this case, the data remains collected indefinitely, until the user personally opts out or requests to be excepted from the database (from the Newsletter and the “Push” list).

Other defined data, ie. “Cookies” are stored until the expiration of the 3-year deadline, except for those data that may have a longer deadline for storing in the digital service database with permission of the user. This information is most commonly used for the purpose of communicating with users and the purpose of direct marketing based on the interests of the user, in order to improve the user experience on our portal.

Privacy Policy is exclusively relevant to When leaving the site, please familiarize yourself with Privacy Policy on each of the individual pages you visit.

Notifications on changes and contact

Any change to our Privacy Policy will be posted on the Home Page and other places that are deemed appropriate and relevant to notify existing users and subscribers.