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Portal is the most relevant online media in advertising industry in the Adriatic region.


Why should you advertise on Media Marketing?

Media Marketing is read by the people who bring key decisions on marketing budgets in regional companies, people who define brands, create their communication strategies, people who plan and implement integrated communication campaigns, prepare media plans and open up new possibilities for advertising in the media.

If communication with these people can bring improvements in your business results, publish an ad in Media Marketing and let them get to know you better.

Without ads, media would not exist today. If you wish to improve sales of advertising inventory in your media outlet, then advertise yourself in Media Marketing, because we are read by the very people who make decisions on purchase of media space (advertisers, creative and media agencies).

Without advertisers there would be neither media nor agencies. As an agency, in order to be more successful in attracting new clients, you should probably publish an ad in Media Marketing from time to time. Just to be in their line of sight more often. Media Marketing is a regional portal focused on advertising and PR, and the only media in the region that enables agencies to communicate with people who decide about their business.

Advertisers have a long-term interest in development of advertising industry in the region. With strong advertising industry, advertisers, companies, brands will be enabled more efficient communication of ideas that contribute to the better sale of their products and services. Contribution to the development of the advertising industry is a mission of Media Marketing, which is why investment in an ad in Media Marketing about your company, its products and services is good for the industry as well as for the development of your business.

Here we outlined only three of the most important groups of potential advertisers in Media Marketing, but advertising in Media Marketing is of course useful to anyone who produce, distribute or design promotional materials, business gifts, agencies dealing event management, organizations dealing in design and implementation of fair activities, etc.

Readers of Media Marketing are influencers. They are creative, demanding, selective. They are people who know what they want and have the drive to take it. Readers of Media Marketing are well traveled professionals whose profession is communication. Readers of Media Marketing are people you want to work with!

You can download the price list of advertising services, as well as the position of the advertising space here. (Coming soon)