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Downloading content

It is strictly forbidden to download news, photos and videos (and other forms of visual and audio content) without the publisher’s permission – which is especially true of original copyrighted content. The content is protected in accordance with Article 3 of the Copyright and Related Rights Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina in favor of Media-Marketing d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Media-Marketing d.o.o. reserves the right to change, restrict or terminate the provision of services of the web portal at any time and for any period of time and reserves the right to partially or fully restrict the provision of certain use of the Media-Marketing.com portal in the event of a violation of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy by user.

By using the Media-Marketing.com portal content, users accept all the potential risks that may arise when using the portal services. Users agree to use the content for personal use only, and at their sole discretion.

Using content for any other purpose (copying, transcribing, distributing, etc.), and especially paraphrasing or excluding parts of the content for the purpose of intentional misinterpretation, without the consent of the publisher, represents a violation of the Copyright and Related Rights Law of BiH and is subject to legal sanctions. For any form of use of content on the Media-Marketing portal, a permission is required from Media-Marketing d.o.o. In case of allowed copying, transcribing or distribution of content, the uploaded content must respect the integrity of the original content, must contain source of information and/or content author, as well as backlinks that allow users you to open source content in a separate browser window, on Media-Marketing.com. The transferred content must retain the initial integrity, and in accordance with this provision, it is not allowed to change the original meaning and integrity of the content (by additional editorial cuts or free interpretation).

It is strictly prohibited to use the downloaded content for commercial purposes, and any downloading or copying for any other purpose other than personal use is expressly forbidden. In the event of unauthorized and/or unlawful use of any content on the Media-Marketing.com portal, Media-Marketing d.o.o. reserves the right to claim compensation for the entire damage and to initiate legal, civil and criminal proceedings before the competent court.

Portal Media-Marketing.com is not responsible for sharing of personal opinions in the Column category. Posts reflect exclusively the opinions of the authors of articles, and in no way reflect the opinion of the Media-Marketing.com portal.

The stated rules and terms of use are subject to changes, and the valid version thereof is considered the current one expressed on the Media-Marketing.com portal.