We talked with one of the veterans of strategic communication, who will be one of the lecturers at the upcoming Content Experience

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Adnan Arnautlija

This June 7th, the Content Experience conference in Belgrade will once again gather communication professionals and provide them an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in content marketing and strategic communication.

True to its mission, the Content Experience has prepared a formidable lineup of renowned experts and communication strategists who will share their experience with everyone who is engaged in marketing, strategy, content, digital, native…

One of them is Roger Edwards, marketing expert, communication strategist, lecturer and author from the UK. After long career in corporate world, Roger successfully made his name into a personal brand, and today teaches others the secrets of the trade through his Marketing and Finance podcast. What is immediately obvious from his communication is the focus on simplicity, which Roger says is the key to the consumers.

Looking forward to the conference, we decided to learn more about Roger and get a feel of what awaits us on June 7 in Belgrade.

Media Marketing: You have a wealth of 25 years of experience in the marketing business behind you. How much has actually changed in Marketing in that time, and what would you single out as the greatest change?

Roger Edwards: Whilst marketing theory should always be constant the execution of marketing strategy and tactics has changed. When I started we outsourced pretty much all the execution to agencies and creative companies. Over the years technology has developed and allowed marketing departments to bring much of the production in house. And of course now you could, in theory, run all your design, copy, creatives and material off one mobile phone. I not saying you should but I am saying you could.

The downside is a shift in what people understand marketing to be. In the past marketers saw it as understanding customers needs, developing products and services, and then communicating those products and services to the customer. Now some people see Marketing simply as the communications – and it’s much more that that.

Media Marketing: One of your podcasts was dedicated to the topic Marketing isn’t just about communications. What are the other facets of marketing that are often overlooked?

Roger Edwards: It’s part of a wider problem that in some companies we’ve forgotten about the strategic part of marketing. People want to dive in and start communicating with the latest social media platforms, creative tools and apps. Potential customers will come to me and say, “Can you help us with our social media marketing. We need to be on Twitter. We need to be on Instagram.” I’m delighted to help of course but I always try and get them to look at their strategy first. Because in this example social media is a marketing tactic and tactics without strategy often fail. You have to know your customer, understand what needs your product is meeting, before you can decide what tactics to use to communicate.

Another thing that’s often overlooked is the goal. Is it to grow market share. Hit a specific revenue target? Get a certain number of subscribers. It’s sounds pretty basic but some companies don’t define their goals. They just try stuff and see what happens.

Media Marketing: What are the characteristics of efficient strategies and efficient content?

Roger Edwards: I like to keep things simple. You can get to a strong strategy by answering these four questions.

Who is my customer

What is their need/problem?

How do we solve their need/problem better than anyone else.

And what is our goal?

Then for the content just create stuff that educates, inspires and entertains your customers enough to get them to know like and trust you enough to do business with you.

Media Marketing: How important is Social for the marketing strategies today, and what kind of content would you advise for social?

Roger Edwards: Social media can form part of a strong marketing strategy and tactics. But always remember social media is just that. Social. It’s a conversation. Often between two people with the world copied in. Don’t use social media as if it was another promotional channel. It’s not an advertising platform. Be social. Don’t push product. Point to great content.

Media Marketing: What will marketing become in the years to come? What could become the pivotal change in terms of dealing with marketing?

Roger Edwards: We’ll see many new ways to communicate and AI will help. The way to succeed in future is the same as it is now. Don’t forget that Marketing starts with the customer. Keep that in mind and you’ll succeed.

Media Marketing: You have successfully made your name into a personal brand. Was it hard, and what strategy“ did you use in doing that?

Roger Edwards: When I left “big corporate” I already had a profile in UK financial services as a “keep it simple marketer”. I built upon that foundation by launching the Marketing and Finance Podcast, Speaking at events like Content Experience, experimenting with video and live video and new social media platforms. I guess I’ve been successful because I show up consistently, have a consistent message, and practice what I preach. I help people keep their marketing simple.

Media Marketing: You will share tips and advice with the participants at Content Experience Conference in Belgrade. Is there a message you would like to send to them already?

Roger Edwards: We live in a complex world. Keeping things simple is often hard. But customers want simplicity. Give them what they want and they’ll love you for it.