Erste’s Henry the Hedgehog reminds us to believe in love, believe in Christmas, #believeinyourself

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

For the first time ever, Erste Group is launching an international online campaign in five countries this Christmas season. Having at its core the Group-wide credo #believeinyourself, the campaign features an extraordinary production that knows how to stir up emotions at Christmas time. Besides Austria, the advert will also be shown in Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

With the introduction of #believeinyourself slogan last year, Erste Group started to establish a common brand identity for all of its banks in seven CEE countries.

“The story of the little hedgehog whose spines are making life hard for him is the story of us all – every one of us has experienced such moments and feelings. Throughout its almost 200-year history, Erste has always supported and believed in people, and will continue to do so. This heart-warming #believeinyourself video builds on our core values and translates them into a sweet Christmas story,” says Martin Radjaby-Rasset, Head of Group Brand Management.

The campaign which was launched on Facebook, taps into this very theme, playing strongly on viewers’ emotions in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Christmas is a season of love. A time when people feel the need to be close to their family and friends. But not everyone is privileged enough to have this opportunity at Christmas. That’s why it is all the more important to believe not only in yourself, but also in others. Armed with this belief, there is no obstacle too great and no path too steep to overcome.

With this idea in mind, Erste Group brings us a story of Henry the Hedgehog, who is trying to fit in in his new school. But it’s not easy when you are literally thorny. Still, his peers step in to surprise him for Christmas, with a gift that is far more than first meets the eye: companionship. The video of the campaign was seen by more than 1.5 million people in the first 24 hours since it was posted, and it isn’t surprising as it is absolutely bursting with charm. Check it out below:

Michael Nagy, creative director at Jung von Matt/DONAU, says about the advert: “Thanks to John Lewis, Christmas ads have become a global phenomenon. I am very pleased that our charming #believeinyourself story can be a part of it.”

“Especially at Christmas time, a season of love, it’s good to believe not only in yourself, but also in the goodness of others. No matter how insurmountable an obstacle may seem: love will find a way. The little hedgehog and his friends remind us of that,” adds Andreas Putz, managing director of Jung von Matt/DONAU and writer of the lyrics.


Client: Erste Group

Agency: Jung von Matt/DONAU

Creative Director: Mike Nagy, Andreas Putz

Account Director: Benedikt Nussbaumer

Senior Account Manager: Katharina Höller

Copywriters: Eva Zefferer, Karin Uebelbacher, Andreas Putz

Art Director: Mike Nagy, Eva Zefferer

Director: Kyra Buschor & Constantin Paeplow

Production: Passion Animation Studios