M2C received this prestigious award from the Luxury Travel Guide website

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

M2Communications has been recognized as the leading creative agency for event organization and brand management in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together top professionals and creators in these areas.

The Luxury Travel Guide website further states that M2Communications represents foreign brands from a wide range of fields, brands such as BMW, FCA Group, Rolex, Hugo Boss, Porto Montenegro, Mercedes-Benz, Asus and Microsoft, as well as many other reputable brands.

Using innovative marketing methods as well as holistic communication approach tailored to individual customer needs, the agency comes to authentic solutions, providing top-notch design solutions and seamless organization.

The degree of creativity that M2Communications offers is what sets it apart from others, and is what has given this agency a personal, recognizable stamp and a unique portfolio in successful organization of events and campaigns.

The artistic sensitivity, the desire to constantly push the limits, and top-notch creative approach are the key to the success of the M2Communications agency and the decisive factors that brought this agency the prestigious Agency of the Year Award this year.