Cute plush characters appeared on social networks

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Adorable plush toys Zdravoljupci, which won the hearts of people in Croatia last year, have appeared on social networks of the leading people of the marketing of Konzum BiH this morning.

These toys were in the centre of the campaign promoting healthy eating habits among children in the neighbouring country, and have seen great reception among the younger and older consumers in Croatia alike.

The marketing director for Konzum BiH, Haris Arnautović, shared the photo below on his Facebook profile, featuring the marketing team with these sweet plushies, and the message “Zdravo svima” which plays with the words “hello” and “healthy” which are written the same in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages. All this suggests that soon they could appear on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We contacted Konzum BiH for comment but they couldn’t share more details at this time.