“No Palm Oil” was banned from TV for political messaging, but continued to thrive online

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Iceland’s Christmas ad campaign, which went viral after being banned from broadcast, has been named as the ‘most powerful Christmas ad of 2018’ by Kantar Millward Brown.

With the ‘No Palm Oil’, a repurposed film from Greenpeace, Iceland furthered their commitment to remove palm oil from its own-label food by the end of 2018, and in that effort raised awareness of rampant deforestation.

The spot brings an animated Orangutan to life, to bring home the consequences of unfettered growth of palm oil plantations. However, the ad was banned for breaching political ad rules, as the regulators stated that Greenpeace still needs to demonstrate it is not a political advertiser.

Of 22 brands and retailers scored by Millward Brown, Iceland’s hard-hitting campaign emerged as the strongest with consumers praising it for showing ‘involvement’, ‘brand love’, ‘enjoyment’, ‘persuasion’, ‘relevance’ and differentiation in their reviews.

Running Iceland a close second was Amazon with ‘Can You Feel It’, with M&S, Aldi’s alliterative vegetable, John Lewis’s Elton John extravaganza and Sainsbury’s all in close pursuit.