The focus is on the Data Management Platform (DMP) , the platform which will differentiate clients and agencies from competitors in years to come

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Ekrem Dupanovic

Zlatko Ganic is a Digital Media Specialist in the Sarajevo Agency Fabrika. He is also the darling of the agency judging by the explanation for his nomination for our series where we present young communication industry leaders from Adriatic region.

Zlatko loves his job and is completely devoted to it, he closely follows all the trends in digital media industry, he researches, develops, plays, implements and makes sure that  Fabrika’s clients get all that can be had in today’s digital world.

Media Marketing:  Many people working in agencies find the digital media development too fast and elusive. But it is not faster than you. How do you manage to keep up?

Zlatko Ganic: All digital media development was and is fast and changes hourly. For the Agency Fabrika there was no other option but to be the part of the fast digital story. We are forced to change by new trends and international clients for whom  we had to be up to speed with world trends. I managed to connect with companies dictating the tempo, mainly Facebook and Google, and partners in the region.

Media Marketing: You are the digital leader in Fabrika, and those who know you well say that there are not enough experts of your calibre in B&H. Is that good thing or a bad thing given your age?

Zlatko Ganic: I am fine with it, I am devoted to my work and I enjoy it. I am not aware of my age, everything happens organically.

Media Marketing: When your Fabrika colleagues ask you if there’s something new in digital you always answer yes. So, what’s the latest?

Zlatko Ganic: That’s right. There’s always something new. The focus is on the Data Management Platform (DMP) , the platform which will differentiate clients and agencies from competitors in years to come. There’s always something new in Facebook (new formats) and Google that gives good result, obviously in combination with other digital communication channels we use during campaigns.

Media Marketing: uses social networks for their daily production, distribution and presentation of media content. The social network usage algorithms change daily. What is their importance in today’s media industry, what is their greatest advantage?

Zlatko Ganic: If we talk about portals, they depend largely upon social networks. Ninety percent of visits for some portals originate from social networks. It is mainly Facebook and Instagram, and some have visits from Twitter. From advertising point of view, the social networks are essential element of the Digital Mix, due partly to low prices compared to Europe, and partly to efficient communication. If the campaign starts off correctly the effect is felt rapidly.

Media Marketing: What new strategies in content presentation on social media are you using?

Zlatko Ganic: You need to combine a lot of things to reach your target audience. Facebook favours video formats that build Reach quickly, by using the combination of videos and pictures we achieve more. Each social network has very clear communication rules that need to be adhered to. Many advertisers don’t do that and fail to achieve results. A lot depends on the client, goals need to be clearly defined, and from there decide what the best route is. Facebook Lead is one of the best tools for creating data basis of the best clients of a brand, I find it very useful.

Media Marketing: With the emergency of the smartphone, the average person’s attention span has been reduced to few seconds. How do we best use those few seconds?

Zlatko Ganic: I often tell my clients and colleagues that a 30 second video will have no impact on online media. It is only good for TV, because they have a story, start, middle and end – the brand, around 15th second is the pinnacle of the action. The marketing of a moment is a real thing, you have to choose it very carefully when to present it to the users.

Media Marketing: What is that new leaders need to learn and adopt from older colleagues?

Zlatko Ganic: Thoroughness and patience. Young people of today lack that, but it is really important at work and in life to do things properly from start to finish and wait for the result. Sometimes the smallest thing can ruin a job.

Media Marketing: And should they not adopt from their older colleagues?

Zlatko Ganic: We live in a fast, digital time, we as a collective have embraced it and adapted to. I still have lot to learn from older colleagues and their knowledge could only be taken up a notch.

Media Marketing: Do you have any advice for your peers? To join you in this industry or find a better job?

Zlatko Ganic: I live for my work; I am very happy and content. I am a child of Fabrika, I started when I was 23, I fell in love with the job and all the trimmings. Any young person who’d like to work in a fast and dynamic industry with many challenges I’d recommend this job. But those who prefer slower pace it is definitely not for them.

Media Marketing: How do you see the future of digital advertising? What direction will it take?

Zlatko Ganic: It is all going in the direction of programmatic and DMP, we in the Agency are developing our own programmatic Server with which we direct campaigns for the whole region, exclusively with Rich Media formats that are not so well represented on the market.  It is a route we are using more and more because users expect to see something new every day.

Media Marketing: Do you get free time and if so how do you spend it? Do you manage to avoid internet and social networks sometimes?

Zlatko Ganic: I do get free time but everything needs to be coordinated. I spend it with friends and family. Sometimes I even write a song, music is best after work. I’m always on line; I don’t mind it at the moment. I like to be up to date all the time.