Where products are just a click away

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Adelina Benson, marketing manager for an Ecommerce business and writer at AcademicBrits.com and Britstudent.com

Social commerce is not a new thing. Everyone is aware of it as a subset of Ecommerce which is done on social media. Different platforms got involved in this and now their goal is to get shoppers to buy on their platforms.

They all use different methods for this.

“Instagram introduced shoppable feeds, YouTube and Pinterest showed buttons through which you can buy, eBay joined with Facebook to show daily deals and discount codes for purchasing through social media,” says Anna Houston, an ecommerce advisor from 1day2write and Australia2write.

The social sites are doing this because they noticed that there is an increase in online shopping and that social media users interacted with ecommerce stores they were buying from. So, Facebook added a service called Marketplace, Twitter added a Buy Now feature, Instagram integrated with Shopify and you can buy Pins on Pinterest. Amazon even created a social media platform.

“They all use a similar approach to what Amazon has been using for years. Users now have the ability to interact with other users, see the reviews and the brands are more accessible than ever. All of this has improved the shopping experience,” says Withney Hamilton, a social marketer at WriteMyX and OriginWritings.

Products are just a click away and sellers are using images and videos as well as other content to make them more appealing. Buyers can also follow brands to see discounts, promotions and new products. They can also compare products and make a decision much easier.

Major social media platforms have all included ecommerce options into their offer. Here is what constitutes social commerce:

  • Content through which brands engage with customers
  • Community – treating the customers as a part of the brand family
  • Commerce – being able to sell products through social media safely
  • Context in tracking the real-world events
  • Connection – forming relationships with customers and between individuals
  • Conversation – creating a conversation between different stakeholders

Here are some stats to help you understand the ecommerce and social networks and their relationship better.

  • 87% of the customers say that social media helps them make decisions on what to buy
  • 26% of customers ask for advice on what to buy on social media
  • 90% of followers reach out to brands on social media
  • 59% of customers from USA think that social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved
  • Positive reviews increase conversions for mobile shoppers by 133% percent
  • Positive product reviews can increase the price by 9.5%
  • Industries benefiting the most from Facebook are Pet products, apparel, Sports and rec, photography, dropshipping and jewelery
  • Pinterest benefits antiques and collectibles, furniture, services, IT and books
  • YouTube sells the most digital products, cars and services
  • Twitter sells the most home and office furnishings, home and garden equipment, gift and specialty items and retail and catalogues.
  • Top selling products on social media are smartwatches, phone cases, video doorbells, avocado and coconut oils, facial masks, highlighters, enamel pins, bluetooth speakers and VR products.
  • Product brands with the most Facebook fans are Coca-Cola, RedBull, Nike, Microsoft Windows, Oreo, Converse and Playstation
  • People on Instagram follow Nike, H&M, Zara, Adidas and Forever, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and other luxury brands.
  • Brands post photos (75%), Links (10%), Video (4%), Status (6%) and Albums (4%)
  • 78% of users say that posts companies post influence their buying decisions

As you can see, Social media has a huge impact on ecommerce and online shoppers. It’s improving their experience and making brands more accessible. It also provides ample social proof necessary to convince users that their decisions are correct. Social media is also helpful in promotion and all in all a terrific resource for all brands and ecommerce companies.