In this article we bring you a segment from the comprehensive overview of advertising trends in 2019, as recognized by the analysts from the Trend Hunter

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Sara Morić, Digital Media Specialist, Digitalna Kužina

Fan Funded Influencer – Creatives who create content are supported by their colleagues and fans, rather than by brands.

Implications – until now, the formula of successful influencer marketing has been pretty much carved in stone: a person becomes an influencer by creating interesting content, gaining partnership with a brand, and monetizing content as an ambassador. This model has been reversed with the development of peer-to-peer funding platforms, which allow fans to send money directly to content creators. Switching to this model speaks of the true purpose of social media, focusing more on truly fun content, rather on the influencer themselves, or a third party.

Branded commentary – Brands make statements or comments on social issues as public expression.

Implications – Brands are no longer satisfied being just observers, and are making moves towards more courageous marketing tactics that tackle issues which are often sensitive or political in nature. In search for stronger bonds with consumers, brands engage in conversations about things like gender stereotypes and the state of the political environment, to clearly show their attitudes about social issues. These examples talk about the establishment of direct marketing tactics as well as the fact that brands are ready to take on more risks when it comes to creating authentic relationships with their consumers.

Voice Campaining – Smart home systems becoming marketing tools in their own right.

Implications – As the voice-activated devices become increasingly standard in North American homes, brands are beginning to see opportunities for direct advertising in homes. This shift comes as consumer confidence in these technologies rises, enabling brands to enter more and more personalized consumer spaces in a way that doesn’t undermine the trust between the brand and the consumer.

Niche Media – Media platforms focusing on niche interests to attract certain consumers

Implications – By approaching content from a specialized aspect, media platforms such as podcasts and online shows focus on specific interests to connect with consumer groups. From platforms that emphasize fashion to those that focus on cult Hollywood movies – these examples not only show an increase in the curated content, but also increase in the user generated content, where consumers want to reach out to others who can similarly be identified with such narrow interests.

Which of these trends do you think will resonate in our region as well?