Podravka’s new campaign built around emotional values of Vegeta

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

One of the biggest Croatian food companies has engaged in the creation of an entirely new image for its flagship product, which is also on the top of the list of most powerful Croatian brands with a worldwide fame. The company is Podravka, the brand is Vegeta, and the campaign – as the company states – takes a completely new direction, unlike any previous for the brand.

And that they’ve chosen the right way is best illustrated by the positive reactions from the public, and praise from the industry. The company explains that the communication platform Vegeta Cook Free sends a new, more modern and more dynamic image of the brand, one that is in line with the development of culinary art, approach to cooking and generally new lifestyle which is today followed by a vast number of consumers. “The whole project is much broader than the communication platform itself, and includes an intensive innovation cycle for the brand. The entire visual identity has been refreshed, and the range of Vegeta products has been complemented by new ones,” the company said. The main goal of the new campaign was to upgrade the image of Vegeta and modernize the brand to open and reinforce the connection with younger consumers, who are looking for new flavors and ways of preparing food – those who will shape the demand for Vegeta in the future.

They’ve built the new campaign around the emotional values of Vegeta, with a focus on cooking, creativity and incentive to consumers to have fun while preparing some new, different and exciting dishes. “When the brief requests came together with our own experience with the brand and the vision in which direction to continue, the foundation idea for the new communication platform was born. Cooking is increasingly popular, especially among younger consumers, and it is not solely the result of meeting necessities of life, but also a desire for creative expression through the flavors and enjoyment of food. In the latest culinary trends there is clear focus on thinking outside the box, desire to explore and freedom. In such circumstances, the idea for the campaign came naturally and spontaneously – the freedom of cooking,” explained Almir Okanović, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Zagreb, and the person responsible for Podravka’s new campaign.

Podravka explains that to them it was important to hire top creatives in the region, who have a sense of the brand, its positioning and values, while guaranteeing sufficient creative potential. “We were looking for partners who will design a different and entertaining platform for Vegeta, but within the identity of the brand. In recent months, Vegeta records excellent results on the Croatian market, and the brand metrics show that the new message has reached the consumers. When we take into account that Vegeta is a strong market leader in the category of universal food additives and that there is not much room for growth in the market, then this growth is very important,” Podravka said. Director of the new videos was a renowned Croatian writer-director, a member of the European Film Academy, last year’s Croatian candidate for Academy Award, and a Cannes winner Dalibor Matanić.

Matanić is an “old acquaintance” of the brand, as he filmed videos for the same brand in 2007. Okanović emphasizes that the time spent in the campaign – which included a series of TV spots, online, print, outdoor and a comprehensive POS approach – cannot be measured in hours or even days or weeks. Along with Okanić, people included in the implementation of the campaign were Project Manager Ivana Babić, Creative Director Miro Perić, Art Director Kristina Gračan and graphic designer Marija Knezić. During the launch of the campaign, 24 hours before showing the video on TV, it had an online premiere. “The goal was to push Vegeta towards communication that is in line with the global culinary and advertising trends, and is attractive to a broad spectrum of consumers, with a focus on the Millennials. In just one day, the new video on Facebook and YouTube had more than a million and a half views in the region,” Okanović explained.