Winner of the contest was also selected. For the rest of his life, Ivan Bašić will talk, surf and send texts for free through Tele2

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Croatia has a truly wonderful nickname, “Our Beautiful”, and rightfully so, as this country not only has many visible beauties, but also numerous secret places, hidden passages in rocks, castles on the slopes or beaches which no one has ever heard of. In order to introduce everyone to these hidden beauties, Tele2 has organized a prize competition #BeskonačnoLijepaNaša (Our endlessly beautiful) on the website

At, 288 video works have been posted during the campaign, which, in every sense, reveal the true beauties of Croatia. Of all the video submissions, the professional jury of Tele2 Croatia has chosen the best video that illustrates this beauty. The video that was selected shows not only the unreal natural beauty of Zrmanja, but also brings a breath of indomitable atmosphere that everyone would like to join. That’s why it was chosen as a winner, and its author, Ivan Bašić, won unlimited calls, SMS messages and mobile internet forever. You can see the video below

“Croatia is beautiful and every part of it offers something new and undiscovered, so I’m very excited that Tele2 has chosen my work as a winner. This video was created on Zrmanja, where some of my friends got inspiration for an unusual gathering, so they took a table and some chairs to the waterfall, and I filmed them from a boat. Initially, I did not intend to sign up for the contest, but my friends persuaded me to do it, and I have no regrets. It would be an understatement to say that I’m thrilled with the prize. I will use it for private purposes but – I know that everyone will now ask me to lend them some internet,” Ivan Bašić boasted.

“The Internet is today an integral part of most people’s lives, communication takes place on different platforms, from social networks to apps, and this process will further intensify in the years ahead. Users have a growing need for connectivity, and Tele2 through this campaign enabled us to discover the beauty of our country, share the videos and win great prizes wherever people are,” said Sonja Miočić, communications director at Tele2 Croatia.

In addition to the main prize, every day during the contest, the video with the most likes on that day won a valuable prize, 12 months of using unlimited data package for free. A total of 36 winners were rewarded with infinite calls, SMS messages and internet on their mobile phones for a year.