Two more fascinating speakers await us in Rovinj – the journalist and prankster whose shenanigans managed to trick TripAdvisor and the famous Paris Fashion Week, as well as the activist, and first cyborg-artist

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

In the first days of spring, the Croatian market communications industry will move to Rovinj, for the Days of Communication. Following the announcement of the show’s biggest star, Sir Martin Sorrell, two more unique lecturers have been announces – the world’s most famous prankster Oobah Butler, and the first cyborg artist and activist Moon Ribas.

“What Banksy is for modern art, according to the famous BBC, Oobah Butler is for today’s journalism,” said Dunja Ivana Ballon, director of the festival program, adding: “He is the most famous prankster of today and a successful journalist whom we want at Days of Communication. He tests and pushes boundaries. With his pranks, he managed to deceive half of the world and gather an audience of millions. His restaurant, The Shed, was the most reputable restaurant on TripAdvisor – until they discovered it doesn’t really exist.”

People generally like to receive awards for their work and effort, but even here Butler is unique. He won The Drum’s “Content Creator of the Year for Online Media” award, which was actually received by his double. He once again proved that public confusion has become his specialty when he launched the fake premium brand of jeans Georgio Peviani, which even managed to reach Paris Fashion Week.

Superhero, cyborg artist and the biggest prankster of today are coming to the Days of Communication

His three short films about these eccentric ventures on VICE have been viewed more than 130 million times, and if all this sounds too strange to be true, that’s because Butler has designed it to be just like that.

This prankster recently published the book titled “How I Bulls*hited My Way To Number 1”, and when asked why he does what he does, Butler said, “I always wanted to do unexpected things, to bring chaos into order, and to cross the boundaries of absurdity.” Will he surprise or shock us in Rovinj? You’ll have to discover yourself.

While Oobah Butler moved the boundaries of traditional journalism, the world got its first superheroine, Moon Ribas. This Spanish cyborg artist and activist has become world renowned for her unique superpower – with a built-in online seismic sensors, she can experience vibrations and earthquakes that take place anywhere on the planet.

Superhero, cyborg artist and the biggest prankster of today are coming to the Days of Communication 1

Ribas encourages artists all over the world to use technology to improve their creative work and discover new ways of expressing and communicating their feelings. At Days of Communication, through conversation with Davor Bruketa, we will learn how she uses technology for the purpose of creativity and art, and what she advises her fellow artists.

Davor Bruketa said: “Looking at Moon Ribas, we are looking to the future. It is very likely that we will somehow experience a more significant integration of technology into our own bodies. There is a lot of skepticism about it, but it’s an evolutionary opportunity to really become a new form of life.”