In the category Home, Garden & Pets, Sonda’s design for the product Holcim Agrocal was declared the best among 1,200 entries

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Packaging designed by Studio Sonda for the product Holcim Agrocal (powder for liming the soil and increase of soil fertility), won the first place in the competition of the Dieline platform from US, which promotes and selects the best packaging globally. The prizes are awarded based on the criteria of creativity, innovation and market merits.

In the category Home, Garden & Pets, Agrocal was declared the best among 1,200 entries, and apart from the presentation of awards in Atlanta, as part of the gathering of professionals from the world of visual communications, How Design Live conference, the work will be promoted and exposed at exhibitions How Design Live Expo, and the traveling pop-up exhibition The Dieline Awards Exhibit Booth.

The Dieline states that over the past two years it has profiled itself into the most visited website for the promotion of packaging design.

About the work 

Agrocal powder is completely natural and environmentally friendly source of calcium and magnesium for liming the soil. After the large packaging, intended for crops, Holcim has decided to offer the product to urban gardeners, in small packages of 4 kg.

Sonda’s design packed the product in eco-friendly paper, easily degradable packaging that uses only one color in print. Then it sets it in a wooden box that is not to be disposed, but repurposed by gardeners for seedlings, storage tools or the like. Various motivational sayings are carved on the box, seeking to encourage gardeners to collect the different versions. In devising the design, key were the principles of functionality within the retail space: the packaging is designed so that the boxes can be stacked on top of each other, they can be independent entity, and, in the usually crowded areas of plant stores, the product does not have to fight for a place on the shelf. A very important functional element is the transportability by the customer. At the same time the product is purposefully visually equipped so that with its neatness and aesthetic delicacy it stands out from other products within the shop.