With the support of Croatian Telecom, Days of Communication will host the expert in behavioural psychology and bestseller author, HERDmeister Mark Earles

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Croatian national trade festival Days of Communication is richer for another lecturer. With the support of Croatian Telecom, coming from London, we will have the chance to hear an expert in behavioural psychology and author of bestsellers on consumer behaviour, Mark Earls.

The Guardian described him as “Malcolm Gladwell on Speed”. Earls is therefore deservedly called HERDmeister or, in other words, the genius to decipher the psychology of the masses.

Earls’ fascination with mass psychology has also become the central theme of his famous books such as HERD – How to Change Mass Behaviour, I’ll Have What She’s Having – Mapping Social Behaviour, Welcome to the Creative Age and many others.

By applying contemporary behavioural and cognitive science to business operations and the knowledge of a creator who led teams in agencies such as Ogilvy, Earls is considered to be one of the leading authors dealing with consumer behaviour and mass psychology.

At Days of Communication, Earls will give a lecture titled “#CopyCopyCopy“. Participants will have the opportunity to hear that copying – not originality or the talent of a lonely genius – has long been at the core of creativity and problem solving, since after thousands of years our civilization no longer knows the true originality. His somewhat controversial message to all the participants of the festival reads: “Copying is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, so why not teach them to do it well?”

From year to year, Days of Communication are growing. Organizers announce interesting and diverse content, and invite all advertisers, agencies, public relations experts, media representatives, students and other professionals from the communications industry to the festival that has broken all records last year.

More information on Days of Communication are available at www.danikomunikacija.com.