Transparency and openness are fundamental aspects of work for any public administration in the 21st century

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

The Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Croatia, chaired by Goran Pauk, Prefect of Šibenik – Knin County, has been awarded the PRO PR Transparency in Communication Award, for their “Open Budget” project.

This project, openly, through proactive information and public communication, by providing information at the request of citizens, for the first time clearly and comprehensibly communicated at a national level all the financial aspects of the public institutions system, in this case all the Croatian counties, gathered under the Croatian County Association, as the holder of the “Open Budget” project.

Transparency and openness are fundamental aspects of the work of any public administration in the 21st century. The implementation of the “Open Budget” project is the basis and example of good transparency practice for citizens, and has proven itself as an example for all stakeholders in public administration to look up to.

The primary objective of the “Open Budget” project is to comprehensibly communicate the overview of county budgets by all classifications, in a way that can be understood by all citizens including those who are not financial experts.

“Research by the Institute of Public Finances is certainly important and we are proud of the results. But organizations that do not change and do not develop stagnate and cannot cope with the challenges of the modern era. We live in a time when people expect everything to be at hand’s reach, or that they can get the information they want with just two simple clicks. That’s why it seemed to us that the Open Budget was a step forward in promoting transparency and this recognition proves that we were right. It is customized for everyone, you can check it out at any time, and is graphically appealing as opposed to monotonous tables and paper documents. Also, the application significantly shortens the time people would spend on searching and understanding the data,” said Goran Pauk, chairman of the Croatian County Association.

The “Open Budget” application gives citizens easy access to information through questions and answers, as well as complex analysis, and can be found here.

Recognition Transparency in Communication will be awarded for the first time at the gala ceremony on April 12, at the Hotel Katarina, as part of the award ceremony of the PRO PR Globe Awards.