Experience of investing in Croatia redesigned in just two days with the help of design thinking

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Source: Poslovni.hr

On 7 and 8 December, HUB 385 in Zagreb hosted the workshop of Design Thinking method, organized by project Design Thinking Croatia, which was attended by about thirty representatives of various local companies such as Maistra, HT, Erste Bank, Perpetuum Mobile, mStart, Institute for Nuclear Technology, HEP, ZET, TEH-CUT, RAO and others. This is a world-recognized methodology that serves to create innovation, develop the culture of innovation and awaken creativity. In today’s unpredictable times, the method helps companies become more agile and innovative like startups. The aim of this workshop was to demonstrate the method using the example of a case – the redesign of experience of investing in the Republic of Croatia, while companies can also use the counseling individually for their own particular problem.

A room filled with pieces of colorful papers, pencils, crayons, dice, as in a playroom, but instead of children, a group of adults are there, vigorously debating, writing on the board and with rolled-up sleeves assemble some unusual items – this would be one way to describe the atmosphere of the workshop. With expert mentors in the field of creative communication and business consulting, participants learn how to identify the real customer need and on this basis to produce concrete prototype solutions.

“Our intention is to change the way people think when creating innovation, where we are usually hampered by our upbringing, education and society,” said one of the mentors of the workshop, Vedran Antoljak from Sense Consulting. This company earlier this year launched the Design Thinking Croatia project in collaboration with the agency Bruketa&Žinić OM. Antoljak described his method as the new democratized education without great authority, that uses different skills and profiles of people in order to reach an attractive innovation, or some new functionality that makes life easier.

“I felt really good here and I find useful this way of thinking according to which a problem cannot be solved by dealing with only one segment in one department of the company, but it is necessary to influence the entire process to make the change long-term,” said one of the participants Petra Radović from the company TEH-CUT.

The thing that satisfied Petra Ružman Puntarić from HEP the most was the way of thinking in design thinking where everyone can be creative with good leadership and where no idea is completely unusable. “Our mentor, Nikola Žinić, beautifully described this by saying that all of us were once children, and we just need to remember that and continue to play. If at some point we realize that we made a mistake in something, it’s just part of the road, which is stimulating thinking because generally we work in environments where errors are experienced only as something bad,” said Ružman Puntarić.

Along with Vedran Antoljak and Nikola Žinić, mentors were Ivan Tanić, strategic planner at Bruketa&Žinić OM and Miroslav Kosović from Sense Consulting.

“The process is interesting, relaxed and playful, but also very useful and applicable in business,” said Meri Vidulin from Maistra, who sees the usefulness of this method in tourism as the industry of experience, because the focus is on the customer. “At first, perhaps we were all skeptical, especially thinking that we don’t have enough knowledge and depth for the problem which we were solving, however, this openness towards the problem, and different backgrounds of people in the group were useful, because prejudices are often an obstacle to a new idea or product,” said Vidulin.

The next workshop is scheduled for February 2017, and the details can be found at designthinking.hr.