Coca Cola’s brand has launched a new project of support to breastfeeding, which was supported by the Ministry of Health of Serbia

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Breastfeeding is very important – both for creating a link between a mother and the child, creating intimacy and emotional bonds, as well as for the development of child’s immune system and reduction of all the health risks they may be exposed to.

The Coca-Cola Company’s water brand ROSA has recognized how much mother’s milk is important for babies, and in cooperation with McCann Beograd they have created a new project of love, supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.

“We are always pleased to receive a call to participate in creating a campaign of great importance to the entire society we live in. This time, Rosa invited us to help raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding, the problems which breastfeeding moms face, their fears and doubts, and the message that there is a way to overcome these problems through education and professional help, at ROSA Corners for moms and babies. Our creative team tackled the project with a lot of love and respect, in order to create a campaign that will send a strong message about the importance of natural baby nutrition. At the recording of the TVC, we had the chance to witness this sweet magic that filled our hearts with joy, and even drew tears to the eyes of some of us. And after we finished with the montage and editing, we sighed with pleasure, proud of what we have created,” said Divna Peškir, Copywriter at the agency McCann Beograd.

“We want to make those first days even more beautiful for moms and babies, and so for every sold 1.5l bottle, we will raise 1 dinar for opening of the corners for assistance and education of breastfeeding at maternity wards throughout Serbia. Through this campaign, we want to tell all future moms that ROSA fully understands them, that it stands by their side, and that at the end of this great action it will be able to offer them all additional education and breastfeeding assistance if needed. We safeguard #WhatIsImportant,” said Julija Žigić, Senior Brand Manager NCB, The Coca-Cola Company.

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