Will video become the predominant ad format? Can native advertising overtake the banner on mobile platforms? Why use video and native at all?

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

According to the December survey conducted by global media and research firm Trusted Media Brands Inc. (TMBI) and Advertiser Perceptions, native and video mobile advertising affect better brand awareness, better engagement and superior user experience.

In a study of native and mobile forms of advertising (Can Video and Native Formats Rule Mobile Advertising), which included about 300 US advertisers, TMBI focused primarily on questions regarding whether the video will become the dominant form of advertising, whether native advertising can overtake the banner on mobile platforms and why use video and native advertising in general?

And while last year 63% of advertisers used banners for advertising on mobile devices, only 45% of them plan to do the same this year. This year, almost half of respondents (45%) would rather use video advertising instead. Among all the participants in the study, 46% of them will use video ads in 2016, which will appear before the primary content on the internet site (pre-roll video), or video that appears in the middle of primary content (mid-roll video). Almost 45% of advertisers will use native in mobile advertising.

“Our survey showed that native gets high marks for giving the message an authentic brand voice and imparting a superior user experience, while the increased brand awareness and engagement of video are considered a top benefit for both marketers and agencies,” said Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer for Trusted Media Brands, Inc.