Tune in and hear why founder of Collaborative Expertise says it’s time to move away from cost and start talking about value

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Today at 12:00h we bring you our short interview with Andrea Štimac, founder of the Collaborative Expertise from Croatia.

She is the ambassador of change management in advertising, and the chief troublemaker for the legacy agency model.

As part of HURA’s working group which came up with the new directions regarding agency fees, Andrea moderated the panel on this topic on this year’s Dani komunikacija in Rovinj.  We asked her about the first reactions of the Croatian advertising industry to those directions.

Visit our YouTube channel and see why Andrea believes “it’s time for us to move away from the cost and start a dialogue about the value an agency creates for a brand”.

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Project Manager: Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu, Media Marketing

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Camera 1: Nikola Blagojević

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Filmed at Days of Communications 2018 festival