At this year’s Days of Communications in Rovinj, we talked with Manuela about a topic close to her heart – the issue of women and their equality in our profession today

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu

Komunikacijski laboratorij is an independent regional agency for market communications, public relations, digital communication management and event organization.

The founder and director of the Komunikacijski laboratorij, Manuela Šola, is a woman who stands for excellence in work. She believes that great work and perseverance are a way of success, and her passions are new projects, undiscovered wonders of the world, and above all gastro delights from local areas.

In addition to excellence, Manuela is truly advocating for equality in work. At this year’s Days of Communication in Rovinj, we talked with her about a topic that lies close to her heart – the issue of women and equality of women in the industry today.

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Project Manager: Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu, Media Marketing

Production: GAP FILLER for MMV 2018

Mersel Bujak Creative Director & Executive producer

Video & Editing:


Camera 1: Nikola Blagojević

Camera 2: Sanjin Hadžić

Editing: Dario Marjanović

Intro: Dino Hujić

Filmed at Days of Communications 2018