Artificial intelligence – the Balkans’ way

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence … if it seems that recently you’ve been hearing these terms more frequently than the latest hit single by some pop band it could be that your intuition is right. Don’t worry, robots have not (yet) taken over the world, but they have certainly stepped into our everyday lives and influence the way we work and have fun, and in everyday interaction with human beings, artificial intelligence is certainly helping them. Namely, such systems can learn by themselves, which means they are improving on the basis of previous interactions and are becoming increasingly smarter.

So far, there have been only several practical applications of this technology in our region, and in order to bring technology closer to the general public, DRAP agency has created a web that generates drunken pub verses to a set title for a poem. Thus, Kafanabot, a place where robots (with a soul), put together verses was born ( This bot doesn’t find inspiration in vistas or unhappy love, but draws it from an ocean of previously written poems. Web users have the ability to change the lines they don’t like by clicking on them, and the bot will generate new ones. Thus the bot learns, and in the future it will be getting better. This project was originally created as an exercise in deep learning at the HUB385 Innovation Center, and the source code is available on this link.

How good is this bot in patching verses? Well, test it yourself, and don’t forget that with each poem this future poet is getting better and better. And who knows, maybe the song you are generating becomes a new hit or ends up in some heartbreaking collection of poetry.