Local Hokkien dialect helps Ikea set the tone of communication

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Source: TheDrum

Ikea has launched its first store in Penang, Malaysia, with wonderful print ads using the Hokkien dialect, creating a great case study for localization of marketing.

While the four major languages widely spoken in Penang are Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil, the second smallest Malaysian state is best known for its distinct Hokkien dialect, known as Penang Hokkien.

Agency behind the campaign is BBH Singapore, which used parallel images like a chicken and a cabinet with the words “We are not Kay Kia. We are IKEA,” where Kay Kia is the Hokkien word for chick. You can already understand what other terms in the ads below mean.

“We wanted to introduce IKEA to Penang with an engaging and relatable campaign that takes into account the unique cultural nuances of the city,” said Nigel Richardson, the head of marketing for Ikea in South East Asia, adding: “The new campaign has already created a lot of buzz and we hope to sustain the excitement through the second phase of the campaign.”