Mark Clark, aka Pitch Doctor, helped more than 400 agencies win pitches with a combined worth of over £100m, and will share the secrets to his success at a HOWtoWOW workshop

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In a market where an average agency wins one in three pitches, the one whose superior performance can surpass that standard will have a head start over the others. How to achieve the best result will be explained by the Pitch Doctor Mark Clark at the third workshop of the HOWtoWOW Academy, titled How to Win a Pitch?, which will be held on December 6th.

Mark Clark is one of the world’s most sought-after lecturers and consultants on the topic of pitches. The reason why everyone wants him is evident – he has helped more than 400 agencies win pitches with a combined worth of over £100m. Nestle, Coca-Cola and Durex, are just some of the world-renowned brands that Clark advised. Clark is also a partner in the JFDI, a consultancy specializing in marketing and communications with the aim of assisting agencies in acquiring new clients and boosting business.

The workshop itself will help participants understand the pitch process optimization with the help of a consulting company. They will adopt the terms such as pitch audit, analyze different winning models, and most importantly, they will learn about the importance of the pitch process for the agency itself.

The workshop is intended for directors, client service directors, account managers and others who are ready to conquer the market, pitch by pitch.

HOWtoWOW Academy also has in store five more interactive workshops and inspiring lecturers. Among them are the former director of Google’s think tank The ZOO, and former head of digital marketing at Microsoft.

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