Company Vispak involves consumers in the development of a new product

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

The Vispak company has launched a unique project on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which they invited buyers to participate in the creation of the name, design and the anthem of the future product line.

The conceptual product is Vispak’s new 2in1 and 3in1 instant coffee, which they want to make to the customer desires, literally.

The goal of the project is primarily to involve consumers already in the early segment of the new product development.

Word ćeif in Bosnian language carries a very specific meaning that is connected with pleasure and solemn contemplation, but as the company explains: “The word ćeif is actually a concept that cannot be translated into any other language of the world except Bosnian. It is something that can’t even be felt somewhere else – that unique and indefinable moment – except in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ćejferi was therefore an ideal name for a group of people who will create a movement and create a tailor-made market that will be specific in the world.”

In order to present the project, its activities and expected results, Vispak has launched the web platform, where every customer can propose the name, visual identity, composition and tagline of the new product and become one of those who will create the market tailored to ćejferi themselves, and the best proposals will be voted on by the platform users.