The jubilee edition of region's foremost festival brings a rich program of workshops designed to push the entire industry forward

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Golden Drum international festival of creativity this year celebrates an important jubilee – 25 years of pushing the industry forward and providing a platform for exchange of knowledge and networking. As befitting the great anniversary, Golden Drum will treat its delegates with a rich program of lectures, panels and workshops.

Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and Co-Founder of the Pi School, a versatile creative and businessman who is involved in a range of activities from arts, over business to education and personal development, will hold a workshop on the topic of Disruption of the Agency Business Model.

Disruption, artificiality, semiotics and even a war movie in workshops at Golden Drum

Himself being a disrupter and creative leader, with a strong background in education, he created a workshop that speaks of integrating innovation and technology in corporate identities. Participants in the workshop will hack, re-design and test ideas around potential options of transforming the business model within the marketing, communication and advertising world.

One focus will be on the elements causing the urge for change. Understanding the impact of technology and where it might take us, participants will work in groups on what needs to be done to take one step beyond pure reactive behavior. The workshop will revolve on real examples of pioneering, innovative, disruptive and daring patterns to fundamentally transform business and keep up with upcoming challenges.

Another interesting workshop will discuss the topic From Artificial Humanity to Goosebumps Reality, led by Creative Director of Manajans/JWT Turkey, Sami Basut. This creative whose work transcends advertising into entertainment, art and becomes part of popular culture, leans on organic storytelling to create content that audiences embrace.

Disruption, artificiality, semiotics and even a war movie in workshops at Golden Drum 1

His workshop will tear apart the pervading artificiality of today. He advocates authenticity in approach to creativity, arguing it is the only way to truly connect with humanity. This focus on emotion and one’s true self has earned him great recognition in his home country and abroad, and he will share all this at the workshop scheduled for the second day of the festival.

Third workshop will deal with meaningful communication on the topic The Role of Semiotics in Driving Brand Meaning, Cultural Relevance, Authenticity and Effectiveness in Global Advertising. It’s a workshop that promises to deliver a wealth of information on use of semiotics in marketing industry through examples of best practices and concrete case studies. Participants will learn how meaning drives success for global brands, enables them relevance in local markets and transforms their brand cultures in the process.

This workshop will be led by Martina Olbertova, Founder and Chief Meaning Officer at Meaning.Global, UK/Czech Republic. This vocal advocate of the fundamental role of semiotics in driving brand relevance, cultural resonance and campaign effectiveness in advertising has experienced the influence of meaning on business success through a rich 12 year career in a range of positions. She has developed a 360 understanding of the industry, and is helping brands and organisations become consciously aware of the meanings they create in the context of the world around them, and how to leverage that meaning towards meaningful growth.

Disruption, artificiality, semiotics and even a war movie in workshops at Golden Drum 2

Another example of how a piece of meaningful content can affect a whole industry will come in the form of the workshop How a War Movie Revolutionized Branded Content – And How You Can Do It Again. The workshop will focus on the influence of probably the most important story in Finland’s history, The Unknown Soldier, on the way creatives in this country create branded content. The most expensive Finnish movie of all time broke all box office records, pioneered a fundraising model for its filmmakers, and simultaneously became a culturally relevant platform for brands, which marketers and agencies everywhere can learn from.

Golden Drum: Eka Ruola - This is a fantastic time to be alive and kicking in this industry

Participants at the workshop will learn how this exceptional branded content platform was built, and will have a chance to test their own skill in creating one, with the help of one of the most awarded creative directors in Finland, Eka Ruola of hasan & partners Group, who was co-executive producer of this great movie.