When Croats give comments, Imago Ogilvy turns them into campaign

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

In the dynamic world of advertising, the relationship between agency and client often works according to the principle: pitch, do the work, move on. However, Čipi Čips chips brand and Imago Ogilvy agency have fallen in love in 2015, and have been inseparable since, just as chips and a good movie.

Back then, a platform was created for 100% of Croatian potatoes, called CROmpiri, in which animated illustrated potatoes were placed in typical Croatian situations and stereotypes. Such an interesting and humorous approach refreshed the domestic advertising scene, so the campaign, among other things, won the Grand Prix and the Golden Effie.

Since the winning recipe shouldn’t be changed, but can be additionaly spiced up, Adria Snack Company and Imago Ogilvy decided to upgrade the existing, very successful campaign CROmpiri (CROatian potatoes) both in terms of visuals and communication. They kept 100% Croatian potatoes in communication and the recognizable Croatian way of life.

Croats like to comment and speak their mind on anything and everything, commentary has almost become a national sport, and the development of social networks has enabled everyone to publicly express their opinions.

This is how CROmentators came to be – the loving CRO potatoes with a pinch of Croatian sarcasm that never goes unnoticed. They no longer live in Croatian stereotypes, but become active commentators of Croat behaviour, as well as various current events.

“Such an ad – that mixes animation and life footage – is always interesting for production, but is also a great challenge. That’s why we chose Spring Onion as partners – one of the best animation studios in the region. We created CROmentators in order to highlight their exuberant character, typical for a Croat who is always full of some witty remarks. Interesting animation additionally spiced up our overall idea,” said Darko Bosnar, Creative Director at Imago Ogilvy.




Damir Ciglar, CEO

Darko Bosnar, Kreativni CROmentator

Mirka Modrinić, Creative Director

Dina Dretvić, Strategic Director

Josip Listeš, CROpywriter

Srećka Gmaz, Art Director

Marko Likić, Account Executive Senior

Andrea Antunović, Account Manager

Ana Šutić Renić, Group Account Director



Jurica Ester, RRGR

Jelena Vojković, RRGR



Spring Onion



Dino Bijač, Marketing & RD Director

Maja Prović, Brand Manager