Earlier we shared with you the Top5 Super Bowl Ads list compiled by Adweek, and now we bring you the opinion of creative leaders of the I&F Grupa

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Some of the ads within the advertising blocks during the Super Bowl really stood out. Check out the selection of the best ads in the opinion of creative directors of the McCann agencies within the I&F Grupa, with a brief explanation of their choice.

Amela Barlov, Art Director, McCann Sarajevo

Michelob ULTRA – Robots” is my favourite. It brutally and originally showed how life perfections means nothing if we don’t know how to enjoy life J A great ad, and short, which I like, and everything is said.

Annukka Puttonen, Creative Director, McCann Helsinki

My favourite was the Washington Post ad with Tom Hanks. The reason for that is the fact that we have world leaders accusing the free press for spreading fake news, so it is important to remind people that there are journalists who gave their lives in defence of the right of people to hear the truth. A powerful campaign!

Daniel Vuković, Chief Creative Director, McCann Zagreb

100 Billion Words by Google”, next to all campaigns trying to entertain, shock, impose themselves with bizarreness or expensive celebrities, Google based their campaign on their functional service, and the one true fact that is beautiful in itself, and represent the hope for all people that the world can become a better place.

Džemil Omerika, Senior Graphic Designer, McCann Sarajevo

Devour”, since it gives an interesting take on food addiction J

Gazmend Pinjolli, Creative Director, McCann Tirana

Microsoft: We All Win”, first it touches you emotionally, and then it gives the brand a meaningful cause/role and a challenge to solve.

Josefine Richards, Creative Director, McCann Stockholm

My favourite Super Bowl campaign has to be the Skittles Musical. If you want to put a crazy amount of brand energy into a 30-second ad, why not put it into a 30-minutne Broadway show?

Sandra Vujović, Creative Director, McCann Podgorica

The 100-Year Game” – Why? First and foremost because it points out the difference between a “job” and a “life calling”. Only a life calling can be done with great passion and enjoyment, regardless of time and place, and it becomes our way of life.

Vladimir Ćosić, Digital Creative Director, McCann Beograd

Not Everything Makes the Cut”, unlike many brands trying to fake how modest, emotional, full of understanding, truthful, honest and warm they are, in order to sell us their products, Amazon made a very expensive ad, filled with (great) celebrities, and yet auto-ironically created a very entertaining spot.