A boy touched by the life of a homeless man finds a secret passage, from the cold winter into the warm home

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

This Christmas, Emmezeta company has prepared a different story. The film that carries their new Christmas campaign, Believe in magic, brings a warm and emotional story of a boy who on his own discovered the essence of Christmas, and it lies in the goodness of one’s heart and thus transforms seemingly ordinary things into magic.

The boy, touched by the life of a homeless man, finds a secret passage, from the cold winter to the warmth of home, all within an Emmezeta store. He brings the homeless man there, trying to give him something close to home, a comfortable bed and a night in safe place.

That all was a sort of trial becomes clear when the homeless man appears as Santa Claus, and hands the boy something magical – a teddy bear that the boy was holding in his hands at the beginning of the spot, all torn and patched up, which now becomes new, whole again.

The campaign was launched through social networks, and is also shown on television. The idea was born within the marketing team of Emmezeta, and the production of the project was supported by the production company from Sarajevo, Šećerlama.


Client: Emmezeta

Creative and Account manager: Dora Đurđević

Director: Arnej Misirlić

Production house: Šećerlama

Graphic design: Ana Stipanović, Hrvoje Cirkvenec

Web marketing: Vanda Christ