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At the time of lack of quality workforce, brands more than ever have to invest in Employer Branding – strategic branding activities for current but also potential employees, in order to build the reputation of a desirable employer.

The Career Center recently conducted a research in which it sought companies with the best Employer Branding Strategy on the Croatian market, and the marketing agency Degordian topped the list, thanks to long-term care for employee satisfaction, and internal and external activities that serve to build the image of a quality employer and a pleasant working environment.

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“The aim of the research is to promote the importance of managing Employer Branding, and highlighting good examples. Employer Branding is a very demanding and extensive topic, with almost all organizational processes that have an impact on employees and potential job candidates. Teams that apply good practices in this area develop along them, because they learn through the process of drafting and implementing the employer brand strategy, but also directly contribute to the results and success of their companies. A good example of the impact on the results is a better quality employment process, the importance of which Degordian often emphasized. It should be understood that the purpose of employer branding is to help the organization, and employer brand activities should be in the function of achieving business goals and strategies,” said Vladimir Benić from the Career Center.

Degordian points out that Employer Branding is a long-lasting process on which they’ve been systematically working since their foundation. In addition to a quality website, they present their culture continually across social networks, PR articles, and job ads to attract employees who will fit in.

“It is important for every person who comes to the team to recognize the values ​​we hold dear, so we have a quite demanding selection process, but we believe this is one of the reasons why we have a friendly and stimulating atmosphere, and why we can boast of the best quality people on the market,” said Petra Murgić, HR manager at Degordian.

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They stress an open, equitable and friendly relationship between managers and employees, and the culture of feedback, sharing of knowledge and continuous education that enable every employee to develop and advance.

Degordian is a marketing agency that has been doing business successfully for 9 years, and apart from Zagreb, their offices are located in Belgrade and Mostar where they are also successfully doing business.

They share the same culture across all offices, as well as with their sister firms Mediatoolkit and Bornfight.

Among all the education programs and projects that they offer, they highlight the ‘Startup in 24h’, the aim of which is to design and realize an entire project in just 24 hours.

They point out that from the beginnings, the satisfaction of employees came first, because they are the ones that bring quality to the agency’s services. That is why they are most proud of the award for the best employer – which they won four consecutive years.

“I would like to congratulate Degordian for promoting quality activities and initiatives in the labor market, but also to other organizations that found their place on the list,” concludes Vladimir.

25 companies are on the top list compiled by the Career Center, and you can check them out here.

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