A1 as a guide through new forms of life

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

The rebranding of the second largest Croatian telecom from Vip to A1 was a great opportunity for the brand to take on a new role on the market. We all know that those brands that stand behind certain values, and whose social role is clearly defined, are more successful.

Wanting an insight into what A1 stands for, a survey was conducted, whose results point to the fact that only a small number of citizens in Croatia use all of the digital tools available to them, which could make their lives easier, and help them realize their private and business goals.

The reason is that most of them don’t know how, and in the forest of information all this becomes confusing and intimidating. That’s why A1 decided to become a guide through the available modern technology. The brand wants to be someone who helps people make the most of the hardware and software solutions available today, and not someone who just sells smart phones or gigabits.

The rebranding campaign, made in collaboration with the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey agency, focused primarily on the awareness of the fact that we are living a different kind of life today. Many aren’t even aware that the little slab they have in their pockets possesses the power that was considered science fiction just a few decades ago.

The key part of the platform is the site NoviObikZivota.com, which is the first proof of the tangible role of A1 as a digital guide. This is a place that helps people choose technological solutions that will help them overcome their daily challenges.

For every problem today there are hundreds of possible solutions, which A1 experts test and choose the best ones, so you don’t have to look for them on your own. So far, 110,000 people have found the answers to their questions, such as how to control what your child is doing across their screens, how to understand all languages, which video conferencing tool is so simple that everyone can use it, how to make internet find your perfect job for you, and many others.

The video that sublimates positioning of A1 reminds us of the progress that human kind has made in just a few decades, how different our society is from that of our parents. Contrary to media narratives, we are society capable of great leaps and improvements. We are not aware of how far we have progressed, in every respect – even the kids’ shenanigans have changed. The events and attitudes that are socially unacceptable today used to be an everyday thing in the past. Solutions that seemed impossible yesterday are now available in our pockets. This video is the praise to that progress.

And A1 says this is just the beginning, because they are currently working on developing new solutions that will make it easier for people to implement useful and accessible tech, and already in some of their stores you can meet digital experts who can help with any problems.

The new way of life has become part of the discussion in the media, on social networks, and part of popular culture, and these discussions are building awareness that there are better, simpler, and more quality ways to solve life challenges today. Regardless of the spirit of the comment, and indeed there are comments in every possible context, it is useful when the society talks about new ways of life.