When BMW starts recycling, they go all the way, and the result is quite satisfying

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

Re-use and recycling are trending across the globe, and BMW is joining the hype with a campaign that boasts re-use of pre-owned cars, with recycled campaigns for those same models when they were new.

As part of this campaign, BMW has dug up old commercials to demonstrate how certified pre-owned BMW vehicles run like new, adding some special voiceover to the original ads.

The used creative, TV spots, radio ads, billboards and digital banners that were originally used to advertise the vehicles when new, are now being re-employed to sell the same vehicles now that they are certified pre-owned.

The idea was developed by BMW’s lead creative agency, GS&P. In order to create the campaign, the team went through years of BMW commercials from other agencies in the US and globally, going back to 2013, since five years is the oldest BMW Certified vehicle people can buy.

Check out all the spots below.