“Magic gets real” in the new brand spot for Disneyland Paris

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

There’s a place where all the magic of Disney – its enchanting tales and its incredible stories – exists for real: Disneyland Paris.

For the launch of the brand’s new signature “Where Magic Gets Real”, BETC has produced a heartwarming fairytale film, reminding us of the wonders of Disneyland Paris and why it is such a magical destination for children over the world.

The film that launches throughout the European market, follows the epic and moving adventure of a little wild duckling who, after stumbling across a Disney magazine, develops a fascination for Donald Duck.

The days and the seasons pass, and the little duck lives Donald Duck, breathes Donald Duck, dreams of Donald Duck. The magazine becomes his most prized possession.

But winter arrives, forcing the little duck’s family to migrate, and the magazine is just too heavy to bring along for the ride…

Carried by an intimate rendition of the iconic song “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”, this film
represents an evolution of the brand’s communication, moving towards the sort of universal
storytelling that the Disney brand embodies.