The regular deadline for submissions to Effie Croatia is February 9, 2019

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

The regular entry deadline for the jubilee tenth edition of Effie Croatia Awards is almost here. On this occasion, Damir Ciglar – CEO of the only creative agency in Croatia with a Cannes Lion in its trophy cove, and a member of the organizing committee of the Croatia Effie Awards – answered some questions about the awards.

He gave his predictions about the outcome of this year’s competition, as well as several useful tips for those who are in the process of filling in the application.

What kind of history does the Effie have in Croatia and what is its future?

Damir Ciglar: Those who remember Dolly Bell know that ‘Every day I progress in every way’. This is still true for the Effie in Croatia – a long-awaited start, and then growth and improvement with each passing year. So, the past 10 years of Effie Croatia passed by! Effie has become valued by advertisers as well, which is no easy feat. Technological and media changes also go in favour of Effie’s great future.

The new Effie sign-in system was opened on January 16th. What was last year like for the market communications industry, and what can we expect from the entered projects?

Damir Ciglar: There you have another improvement of the Effie competition in Croatia: the implementation of the system for application, as well as jury process, taken from Effie Worldwide. I believe that the jury members and participants will feel all the improvements that the system brings. The number of entries to the Croatian Effie is steady – around 50 – and that’s really much for the size of the market, so this year I expect the similar number of entries. I just hope for at least one work more than last year, so we could keep breaking records.

Which element of a case study is key for success, and which element, in case of equally successful campaigns, will bring its applicant victory?

Damir Ciglar: Making a quality case study is almost as demanding as creating an effective campaign! While we generally focus on three segments of the campaign – strategy, implementation, and result – a lot of elements and details have an impact on the campaign being good and efficient, as well as having a quality case study. We are a small market and everyone, mostly, knows all the reported campaigns, but I believe that measurable indicators are crucial to victory. And these specific indicators should be well visible in the entry.

What would you advise first time participants in the Effie adventure?

Damir Ciglar: I do not think that this is an adventure. It’s more about readiness for further learning and experience. And that learning is made easier thanks to published case studies on Effie sites which I would definitely refer participants to study. But, if they’ve already created a successful campaign, then they can definitely make a quality case study.

According to Ipsos research, Effie is the most important award in the market communications industry. Does it dictate the trends of market communication, and which trends are currently most important?

Damir Ciglar: I wouldn’t say that Effie dictates trends in market communication, but it does leverage them very well. The increasing measurability of anything and everything is an important factor to the perception of these awards, as ones based on objective indicators and data. And these data are more and more plentiful, so it is up to us to turn them into useful information. The Effie Jury has the task to recognize that usefulness and success.

The most important award in the market communications industry, according to Ipsos’s 2016 research, is being awarded in Croatia for the tenth consecutive year. The regular deadline for submission is open until February 9, 2019, and members of the HURA! Association are eligible for discount. You can enter your works here.