At the upcoming PRO PR Conference on Zlatibor, Serbia, CEO of Represent Communications will talk about digitalization of a PR agency

Drugi jezik na kojem je dostupan ovaj članak: Bosnian

By: Adnan Arnautlija

From 11 to 14 April this year, the international PRO PR Conference will be held at Zlatibor, Serbia, organized by the agency Apriori World. It’s an event that is born out of the idea of bringing together eminent PR experts to explore the newest trends, the specifics and the differences in the communication market, the innovations and expertise in the profession and exchange ideas and experiences

One of the trends that are defining the industry of the future today is digital transformation, a theme that occupies all industries, including PR. Borislav Miljanovic, a prominent Serbian communications expert and the owner of the Represent Communications agency, will treat this exact topic in his lecture at Zlatibor, from the aspect of digitization of a PR agency.

On the eve of the conference we decided to make a series of interviews with some of the PRO PR speakers, and we are opening this series with Mr. Miljanović.

Media Marketing: Is the importance of PR in the time of rapidly changing technology and abundance of communication channels greater or smaller than before?

Borislav Miljanović: We all see how the Internet has changed, not to say devastated, the press industry. The same will happen to the PR industry if we don’t change ourselves, and if we don’t adapt to changes. In terms of PR know-how we already have a good foundation, but we need to build upon it with new digital knowledge. Building good relationships with different demographics will continue to be of key importance in the future, but the tools will change, and that is something we need to advise our clients about. It means that we need to be the leaders in this transformation.

Media Marketing: Which channels will be the most important for PR in the future? Is there some emerging tech that you believe will have a profound impact on the future of PR?

Borislav Miljanović: PR has always rested on two-way communication, and now, with social networks, we are experiencing this at all levels. Now everyone understands that this is the only sustainable principle, and that the masters of such communication are more needed than ever. All channels of direct communication – communication in which there are no gate keepers – will be of immense importance in the further development of PR and us as PR specialists.

Media Marketing: Many considered social networks a godsend for PR, but today, with all the changes on these platforms, there are numerous challenges for PR in this space. How can PR adapt to these changes?

Borislav Miljanović: As we can see, Facebook has dropped its Explore Feed and is going back to its old model. Much bigger problem are fake news, and it seems to me that there is still no good solution for that. We need to be aware that social networks will change, some new will be born, while some will die out. Attention should be directed to owned channels, and there we should develop communication content.

Media Marketing: What is it that you want participants of PRO PR conference to take away from your lecture?

Borislav Miljanović: Digital transformation in the business of communication agencies is inevitable. PR without digital will die, and together they are the most powerful platform for successful communication in the years to come. It’s up to all of us to choose our own way.